Americans Laughing At Magazine Cover Of Trump, Trump Furious (IMAGE)

Hilarious - and accurate.


President Trump will likely fly into a characteristic rage when he sees a new magazine cover that depicts him in childlike proportions presiding over an undrained swamp while playing golf. The New Yorker’s latest magazine cover is a drawing called “The Swamp” which also shows that swamp to be teeming with snakes and alligators, likely symbols of the Republican politicians and lobbyists still populating that swamp which Trump claimed he would drain, but has instead vastly expanded. According to The Hill:

The New Yorker magazine took a jab at President Trump with its new cover depicting the president playing golf in a swamp. The issue, which is slated to hit the shelves on May 21, features artwork showing the president wearing golf clothes while taking a swing among a swamp full of snakes and alligators.

Here is the cover image, as tweeted by MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin:

Of course Trump, and the Republican party for that matter, are mired in swamp-related scandals. Special interests like the NRA buying access and influence through massive campaign donations, Trump’s personal lawyer getting millions of dollars from corporations seeking “insights” into the Trump administration in what appears to be efforts at influence peddling, pay to play, money in exchange for access and influence to Trump and the Trump administration. Some of that money to Trump’s lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen can be traced to a Putin-linked Russian oligarch currently under U.S. sanction. Hush money payouts to multiple women alleging affairs with Trump. It’s all very swamp-like as it becomes clearer every day that Trump, who both promised to drain the swamp and claims to keep his word, is not at all keeping his word on this.

As you might imagine, Griffin’s tweet showing the cover art got a considerable response. This person simply tweeted that the cover is “The truth”, along with an image of the Oval Office inundated like a swamp and inhabited by Trump administration “creatures” with cash in their mouths.

Another person pointed to a New York Times op-ed that held up Special Counsel Robert Mueller as the bastion of swamp draining, not Trump, tweeting “Trump said he would drain the swamp. It’s Mueller who’s actually doing it.”

Another person said they loved the new cover, but that this previous New Yorker cover depicted Trump as a lurking, evil clown was still their favorite.

Trump, with his fragile ego and delusions of grandeur, is reportedly furious over the bad press he gets. Trump calls any press that is critical of him “fake”, but of course critical and fake are not the same thing. Mounting evidence shows that rather than draining he swamp, Trump and the Trump administration are adding on to that swamp every day. Trump may be furious over unflattering depictions such as this one, but that doesn’t make them inaccurate.


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