First Lady Melania Trump wears a see through shirt in Public

This is unbelievable, folks!


The first lady of the US Melania Trump was apparently glowing at the occasion of the Hispanic Heritage Month, where she appeared with her husband, the Us President Donald Trump. People could not take their eyes off her very daring outfit, and the world’s media did not fail to inform the worldwide audience that her top was see-through and completely showing her breasts!

Melania was apparently inspired by Spanish culture while choosing a dress code for this event. She appeared in a simple white blouse and a red pencil skirt, which remarkably resembled traditional Flemish-style skirts. She only forgot to put on a proper bra!!

A similar style was extremely popular during the 1940s and 1950s, and it was often practiced by famous Merilin Monroe and Jane Russell.

She could not be unaware of what her appearance will cause!!

The attendees could not hide their shock! In most of the photographs of the event, it can be clearly seen that her breasts have been painted through. This of course caused a world media scandal!!



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